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Customized competence
Densitet provides consultant services in all areas. We create unique consultant profile to suit your needs.

Expertpoolen is our meeting place that contains thousands of qualified consultants within software development, communication, support and testing.

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Expertpoolen – customized competence for your company.
Expertpoolen is our meeting place for consultants specializing in software development, communication, support and testing. Our consultants have deep knowledge of their field and working experience from both commercial companies and public sector. There are thousands of IT-experts in Expertpoolen, among them you can find consultants with the right competence that can work with your assignments.

Supplier of complete solutions
Densitet can provide complete solutions within consultant services via Expertpolen. We have many years of experience behind us and work with a number of organizations and companies in different industries.

Examples of consultant profiles in Expertpoolen:
  • Project manager
  • System architect
  • Programmer
  • Test manager
  • Tester
  • Configuration Manager
We customize consultant profiles to suit your needs of competence and experience. We can provide a complete team for bigger assignments at your office, where we collaborate with your company’s internal team and follow models and processes that are required for the assignment. We can also work intensively with short tasks according to your needs.

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